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Will be posting fanart (MOSTLY REDVSBLUE) and some scribbles of my own characters. PS: I follow the tag grimm anatoli. :3



Alright, so I was supposed to get surgery today, but it has been postponed. I need money because I can’t find a job, so I have no other choice but to ruin my drawing hand some more in order to scrape up a little extra cash to help pay for medical stuffs. Please, I need your help. 

I am willing to drawing anything, anyone except if it is NSFW

Comic page- 10 dollars each (formatted any way you want, can be about anything you want. Scene for a game, book, or even an rp between OCs) 

Chibis- 5 dollars each. No extra charge for couples. 

Icons for your blog- 2 dollars each (don’t have to be in chibi style if you don’t want) 

Sketch- 2 dollars 

If interested, please contact me at

hey i just wanted to say i saw your rvb fanart with the freelancers dancing (first post i ever saw of yours) and it was amazing and made me smile so much and now im all giddy. so thank you wonderful person, keep making awesome art

it kinda humbles me that my scribbles were able to make you smile. Thank you for your kindness 

Life Update

no scribbly scribbles this week

my hand is kinda messed up and I am scheduled for surgery. I’ve never had surgery before so I’m also kinda nervous. I hope nothing goes wrong, I kinda need that hand :P