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Will be posting fanart (MOSTLY REDVSBLUE) and some scribbles of my own characters. PS: I follow the tag grimm anatoli. :3

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I wanna get into the Windblade comics, but I feel likeI need to read some other comics first in order to get whats going on. 

Anyone know a good place to start? 

Robots in Disguse and the Dark Cybertron event would probably be your best/shortest guide to getting caught up for Windblade.

And here’s an Awesome Reading Guide to the IDW Transformers Universe if you’re curious about the entire continuity. :3

But in all honesty, Windblade is pretty stand-alone. So you’d probably be alright just picking it up by itself. :3

I never read any of the other comics and I had no problem understanding what was going on. I think there was one thing that me go ‘what?’ but Liliy answered the question.
It gives you a sort of ‘this is basically what happened’ right at the beginning of the first comic.

OOOhhh that’s good! I guess I can go ahead and buy the comic, then. Thanks for the help :D 

Congratulations on making it a year! Way to go, you've earned a day of spoiling yourself~

thanks! :3 I feel like giving everyone high fives Im so happy :D 

July 21st is a very special day

July 21st


Its been one year, I survived for one full year. Truthfully I thought I wouldn’t make it, that I would kill myself before it ended. BUT I DIDN”T SO SUCK IT ANYONE WHO WANTED MY STUFF WHEN I DIED XP 

I’m going to be celebrating all week, and I don’t care if anyone thinks its stupid. Life is a gift that is often under appreciated, you don’t know how good it feels to be able to breath once you experience what its like to stop. 

So I wanna do something special this week. Any suggestions? 

((also thinking of a game giveaway, if anyone’s interested.))


Wyoming rescuing Florida, as requested :3 Just don’t look too hard at his legs…..I’ve just noticed and Im too lazy right now to go back and fix them. :P 

ALSO medieval AU LTs! These adorable squires hail from the far off land of Chorus, a region pestered with desolate mountains and valleys that are used as a battle ground for the two warring factions: the common folk, and the nobility. The war has been going on for hundreds of years, with no end in sight. Because of this, the kingdom of Freelancia has decided to leave them well enough alone.